by Jaryk

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released April 12, 2016

mastered by Warren Hildebrand



all rights reserved


Jaryk California

micah schoell

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Track Name: Gray
[is beautiful, too]
Track Name: To Be Continued
i see our thoughts in your eyes
you move like a ghost throughout my life
transfixed in the rearview mirror i drive

there exists a place for you and i
we live in a world beyond our mind
i go to discover it with you

(we'll never win the lottery but i hope we do)
Track Name: Nature [...Lament]
you are a product of nature
like the clouds in the sky
like the song of the bird
like the wind
like the vast silhouettes of mountains
and the sunset behind them
like the waves, crashing and flowing
and the moon, illuminating the water
like the boundless miracle of planets, constellations, and infinite space
and the human brain, which blesses me with memories of you
with the glory of all organisms,
you are a product of nature


" [...] There's no time. This place is about to be destroyed... Now, there is no more God. This is no longer their planet. This is your home planet that you are now standing on. [...] Since that time, I've stopped being human. I've committed so many sins... that any attempt at living like a human was impossible. The only one who could have forgiven me was God. [....] Always the peacemaker... perhaps that's what it means to be human. But, regardless... I cannot go. It's something I've already decided. I go to walk with God... even if there is no place left for me upon my return. I must go now. [...] Actually... I envy you two."

-Krelian (Xenogears)